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Flexible Phone Holder

The Flexible Phone Holder has two clamps (one for the phone and one for the base); you can clamp your phone with the phone holder and then clamp the base to your desktop, headboard, bedside, kitchen shelves, car, and so on. Explore your imagination, and you'll discover a variety of new ways to watch movies or videos on your phone while using The Flexible Phone Holder.
Product Overview

Now Available KSH 600 Only

Excellent for watching movies/videos and listening to music on your desk, bed, or in the car without having to hold your phone. To meet your needs, the arm can be adjusted to a variety of angles and distances. Explore Your Imagination with the Phone Holder.
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Get Yourself The Zone's Parking Card

This will allow you to add any phone number of your choice so that when you park your car, you can be called in case of anything.
Product Overview

Now Available KSH 1,000 Only

  • Clear display : Conveniently displays your number clearly from up 2 meters from the car
  • Night Glow : Fluorescent green, making the numbers clearer at night, so your numbers can be clearly displayed at night.
  • Small and Un obstructive : Does not block the line of sight while driving
  • Privacy Protection : With a single click, you can hide your phone number when its not needed.