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Get yourself The Zone's parking card.

This will allow you to add any phone number of your choice so that when you park your car, you can be called in case of anything.

We have three color variants, Gold, Silver and Black. Choose the one that blends with your car interior.

Small And Un-obstructive

Does not block the line of sight while driving

Clear display

Conveniently displays your number clearly from up two meters from your vehicle.

Night Glow

You can still see the numbers during the night. They have a fluorescent green that clearly displays the digits.

Privacy Protection

With a single click, you can hide your phone number when its not needed.

Made with highly resistant materials that can withstand high and low temperatures and does not deform.


Order yours now!!

Reach out to Us On Phone +254 702 322 566

The Base is equipped with foam adhesive glue, does not leave marks on your dash.


Let Me share My Frustration

We all have been in situations where someone parked in a way they blocked our cars and we could not move…We did not have anyway to reach out to them and if we were in an event, we had to send a note to the MC with the Car Registration so that it can be announced….you know the drill.

There are times i have left my car where it parked simply because i could not reach the owner, it is really frustrating. Let’s make other people lives easier through The Zones’ Parking Card.

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